Master Grade And SD Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2010 Results!

June 18, 2010

Congrats to all winners! ^^


HGUC Char’s Z’gok – COMPLETED!

June 17, 2010

I mentioned in the previous post that I have completed my Char’s Z’gok, pictures are now up! ^^

I actually took these picture quite some time ago but was just too lazy to post. =X

Anyway, enjoy~

(The 2 pictures above were taken with my old camera)

Lets move on to the model kit itself..

Look at what this kit can do! XD

Thats all the pictures I have.

Overall, I think this is a great kit.

But there arent many awesome poses you can do with it.

Its not about the articulation, in fact its not bad, its just that… it looks wrong… ^^;

If any of you guys are wondering, nope, you cant change the position of the eye, its a sticker, which is pretty disappointing unfortunately.

I guess thats all for this kit.

I will make a video review for this kit when all three of them from the set are ready.

And by the way, I have completed my Gogg as well.. about a week ago. Haha.

See ya in the next post, Bye~


A lil’ Update! #3

June 6, 2010

Hello all! I’m back with another update!

Still remember from the previous A lil’ Update, I mentioned that theres this special marking that the HGUC Operation Capture Of Jaburo set come with? Well, those are actually water-slide decals.

Yeah, they are pretty cool but I’m actually having some problem…

These decals are easily scratched off, not only that, they fall off quite easily.

They are quite tricky to apply too.

Unfortunately, thats how water-slide decals are.

Applying these decals is hard work. Haha.

They keep falling off and it kinda irritates me alot.

So, I have decided to remove all of the decals and just stick to their original look, for all 3 of them from the set.

And yes, I have  completed my Char’s Z’gok, quite some time ago..

Pictures will be uploaded soon.. I guess?

Gogg will be built next, followed by Acguy.

Acguy seem like an interesting build to me. ^^

Definitely looking forward to it!

And btw, I have got a new camera, both picture and video quality will be better from now on! =D

Thats all for now, bye~


Diorama “Defeated” Video!

June 3, 2010

I just made this video on my Diorama entry for the upcoming Master Grade and SD Gundam Model Kit Challenge 2010 a few days ago.

I did some touch up work but it might not seem very visible in the video actually.

Theres good news too, my entry has been selected for the final round of  judging!

Okay, enough talking, enjoy the  video~ ^^


For those who are entering this competition as well, good luck!

I guess thats all, see ya in the next post! =)


A lil’ Update! #2

May 15, 2010

Hi guys, I’m back.

This is just a short update as I’m aware that this blog is currently dead. Haha.

I’m currently working on my SD Gakushin Gundam. (below)

As you can see in the above picture, I cut of a part from Gakushin’s arm.

Since we wont be using the peg for this model (Gakushin is a remold of BB Senshi No.247 Baki Maru), I cuted it off, to enable better arm articulation.

Thats all for my Gakushin update, lets move on to my loot for today.

This morning, I met with a friend.

We went to Hobby Point, at tampines.

We had our lunch at the food court in Century Square before going over to Hobby Point.

It was actually my friend’s first time there.

And over there, I got…

HGUC Operation Capture of Jaburo Set (Consist of  HGUC Gogg, Char’s Z’Gok and Acguy), as well as Kihei Kishi Wing Zero for my brother. And not to forget, a silver marker (not in picture).  Total spent is $64.55.

While I get all this, my friend got a Sangokuden Marker Set and 3 Sango kits, Kochu, Tenshihou Shiba-i and Souhi.

I guess thats all, looking forward to build the 3 monoeyes. It looks like a really fun build! ^^ Great thing they added the special markings! =D


Koshin Gyan Diorama- COMPLETED!

April 24, 2010

Ok, I’m back~

And as promised, I’ve completed the diorama. =D

It didn’t turn out as planned but its not that bad still.

anyway, enjoy the pictures~

Overall View.

Top View.

Back View.

Side View.

Thats all for the pics.

Guys, I need your help!!

I couldnt think of a name for my work.

This diorama is actually depicting a scene where Koshin Gyan got defeated in a fight.

I need name suggestions~ Pls and thank you~

Post them at the comment box below pls! =)


Battle Damaged Koshin Gyan- COMPLETED!

April 11, 2010

Its been a month since I posted anything.

Really lazy.. haha. =X

Anyways, I have completed my Battle Damaged Koshin Gyan!

Theres a change of plan actually, instead of 0 Gundam, I will be entering my Koshin Gyan for the upcoming competition.

Enjoy the pictures~ ^^

Instead of using the sticker given, I coloured the base of the eyes black.

Then, using a hole puncher, I hole punched the extra silver part of the sticker sheet to get a circle, then colour it clear red. =)

Front view.

Rear view.

With his Staff~

The Shield.

Okay, thats all for the model.

Moving on to the diorama I just started on yesterday night.

Its not completed yet though, just want to show you guys how much I have done. =)

Initial Design. (Sorry for the ugly drawing ^^;)

I changed some stuff here and there, you will see it later when I’m done with the diorama.

The Styrofoam is just going to serve as the “skeleton” of the diorama.

I will be adding clay and paint it afterwards.

Note: The paint in this picture are not everything I’m going to use.

Okay, thats everything I guess.

I will be back next time with the completed diorama!

Stay tune! =)